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Skills Bank Spelling

Level A – Ants Focus Sound Words High Frequency Sight Words Challenge
Lesson 1 sat mat cat bat fat hat rat a at it flat that
Lesson 2 tap map cap nap ram jam ham am as has clap pram
Lesson 3 sad mad bad dad pad lad pads an and had glad add
Lesson 4 bag sag rag fan ran tan man the to in flag than
Lesson 5 as has gas grab cab lab crab no me is able table
Lesson 6 bed fed red wed peg beg legs my he go shed egg
Lesson 7 ten men pen wet net met vet get for went then when
Lesson 8 mats cats maps bags pets hens beds we if of crabs sheds
Level B – Butterflies Focus Sound Words High Frequency Sight Words Challenge
Lesson 9 big pig rig wig dig fig jig his him you twig wigs
Lesson 10 kid hid lid did bit sit hit it they she grit fits
Lesson 11 bin tin pin win tip sip rip said that all drip hint
Lesson 12 fix six mix mixer tax fax wax with are her axe sixty
Lesson 13 rob job sob dog bog fog logs what out on frog trod
Lesson 14 box fox top cop hop mop pop there this have chop stop
Lesson 15 cod nod pod rod cot pot hot come some not spot dotty
Lesson 16 lids hits pots wigs lips hips frogs but be like boxes ships
Level C – Cats Focus Sound Words High Frequency Sight Words Challenge
Lesson 17 bug dug hug jug mug rug tug then one do plug slug
Lesson 18 gum hum sum but nut cut put were them me drum bump
Lesson 19 bun fun run sun nun bud mud down dad when thud hung
Lesson 20 pup cup bus cub tub rub club up see come grub dust
Lesson 21 mugs rods dots tugs nuts suns drums will into from buses spots
Lesson 22 plan plot plop plum plus plug plant she play get pluck plump
Lesson 23 skip skin skid disk risk tusk ask just now came skunk skill
Lesson 24 back neck sick duck rock lock muck got their your clock stick
Level D – Dogs Focus Sound Words High Frequency Sight Words Challenge
Lesson 25 gift left lift soft belt bolt melt could house too salt raft
Lesson 26 camp damp lamp went sent bent tent was old by spent stamp
Lesson 27 bill fill will pill hill mill chill day made make until pillow
Lesson 28 book cook took look hook pool cool time shine away school shook
Lesson 29 boot hoot loot root foot room zoom called here off broom shoot
Lesson 30 bump jump dump pump hump lump thump saw help mrs stump crumple
Lesson 31 plugs casks lumps ducks feed rents hoops mr going see schools stacks
Lesson 32 helper hooter never father longer singer harder very children about summer mother
Level E – Elephants Focus Sound Words High Frequency Sight Words Challenge
Lesson 33 dog bat fed lip hop rug as am but can banana tomato
Lesson 34 chat chin chop ship shop shut are much ask get chapter shopping
Lesson 35 them thin thud what whip when where which both thank thunder whisper
Lesson 36 blob blot blush clap click club wash cut did got blocked clashing
Lesson 37 flag flip gloss glad slip slug an at big him flatten slippery
Lesson 38 brag brick brush crab crisp crop brown had has got bridge cricket
Lesson 39 grab grin grub frill frog fresh from green grow always grandmother friend
Lesson 40 drag dress drop trap trip trot let not of then dragonfly traffic
Level F – Fish Focus Sound Words High Frequency Sight Words Challenge
Lesson 41 step stick stop scab scar scarf or put pull on stereo scalp
Lesson 42 smell smack snap snip spot spin that red run ran smudge snuggle
Lesson 43 swam swim swung twig twin twist went upon us ten swarm twelfth
Lesson 44 bake cake late mate same name ate came made make fireplace surface
Lesson 45 line mine mice dice bite kite five like ride white excite fireworks
Lesson 46 note vote hole pole bone cone those well will with whole phone
Lesson 47 tube cube cute flute june tune use be eat her excuse refuse
Lesson 48 make pipe rope tune fire like come live open him athlete envelope
Level G – Goats Focus Sound Words High Frequency Sight Words Challenge
Lesson 49 rain pain paid play tray stay away say today again against raise
Lesson 50 keep tree week sunny happy only we been funny he somebody queen
Lesson 51 eve niece field chief brief thief these about find here mischief handkerchief
Lesson 52 pie cried tried fly try dry by my four gave quiet myself
Lesson 53 sigh high night fight might light never seven new myself alright tonight
Lesson 54 toe hoe woe show slow grow goes buy no know follow hollow
Lesson 55 oat coat road toad soap foam out said some look throat coast
Lesson 56 glue clue blue few stew crew read soon wish who cruel nephew
Level H – Hippos Focus Sound Words High Frequency Sight Words Challenge
Lesson 57 mess hiss grass call tell shell all shall fall full address meatball
Lesson 58 buzz jazz frizz off huff fluff cliff sniff write yellow three puzzle
Lesson 59 pack sock clock long song bring thing black going pick attack wrong
Lesson 60 help yelp gulp fast chest frost first best just must forecast ghost
Lesson 61 send spend pond bent dent blunt want too they people husband elephant
Lesson 62 card cart barn farm star shark pretty little over very further beggar
Lesson 63 fir bird dirt shirt skirt first eight right their could thirsty squirt
Lesson 64 tubes notes girls parks boats lights clean please together because satellites barbecues
Level I – Iguanas Focus Sound Words High Frequency Sight Words Challenge
Lesson 65 scrap screw scrub splat split splash things eat two long scruffy splinter
Lesson 66 spray bloom sprint shoulder strip string want over where away sprain struggle
Lesson 67 three threw thrill shrug shrub shrink there think that’s through thread shriek
Lesson 68 quit quiz quack quick quiet queen who didn’t want home equal squid
Lesson 69 camp bump stamp held sold world our play take stop field build
Lesson 70 elm film helm belt melt salt find been must well pain fault
Lesson 71 lunch pinch bench ankle uncle table little these next people eagle candle
Lesson 72 better cuddle dinner rabbit puppet summer pulled stopped carry yellow smuggle address
Level J – Jaguars Focus Sound Words High Frequency Sight Words Challenge
Lesson 73 nature capture mixture catch pitch stitch need many ever first creature scratchy
Lesson 74 here severe steer cheer sheer place great why valley let’s mystery sphere
Lesson 75 there where pear bear care scare room three green soon sphere career
Lesson 76 call walk talk four pour court still inside under small tear square
Lesson 77 paw draw straw caught taught naughty laugh laughed thing lived always fourth
Lesson 78 could would should pull brush thrust couldn’t wouldn’t shouldn’t much daughter gnaw
Lesson 79 earth early word world fern stern water were shout round cushion mushroom
Lesson 80 brown tower allow loud sound found mouse house around down eyebrow doubt
Level K – Kangaroos Focus Sound Words High Frequency Sight Words Challenge
Lesson 81 happy only scary money monkey donkey chimney floppy really every search suddenly
Lesson 82 walk talk chalk fork cork stork than best wind wish than artwork beanstalk
Lesson 83 city acid cymbal celery silly singing once most he’s liked icicle simple
Lesson 84 cent succeed cell cellar cycle cyclone miss each which town exercise celebrate
Lesson 85 carry copy close cream cloud cuddle can’t cried across cold couple cushion
Lesson 86 germ cage huge angel giant gentle magic head work lots giraffe engine
Lesson 87 grin slug shrug guess goat dragon good going again began gleaming gigantic
Lesson 88 wrist written witch watch knee knife garden grandfather dragon gave wrinkle knight
Level L – Leopards Focus Sound Words High Frequency Sight Words Challenge
Lesson 89 word worm work worse world worry gone night boat school workout worthy
Lesson 90 herb germ nerve perch verse swerve after other never another answer prefer
Lesson 91 form sort short thorn stork torch narrator before horse along corner uniform
Lesson 92 burning starting throwing shouting seeing drawing coming looking morning something returning watering
Lesson 93 hopping running chatting sitting shopping dropping going walking anything nothing knitting stunning
Lesson 94 unblock uncut unfold dislike unfair disagree because please right different disabled disease
Lesson 95 giants knees dragons monkeys angels cymbals friends windows mothers animals giraffes knights
Lesson 96 foxes brushes fish churches watches witches clothes everyone thought shouted princesses tomatoes