Reading Eggs Special Needs Reviews & Testimonials

Read what special needs parents and teachers have to say about Reading Eggs (ages 3-7) and Reading Eggspress (ages 7-13).

“My son has high-functioning autism spectrum disorder and adores computers, therefore he is committed to your programme and absorbs the content. My son’s ability to learn how to read is enhanced by his condition, and Reading Eggs provides him with the tools he needs to achieve this. My son has a language and communication impairment and Reading Eggs has also enhanced his speech and communication!! He laughs at the animations and finds the lessons enjoyable and fun.” – Linda

“My son has autism and I actually never thought he would be able to read…he is now 11 and has in the last 18 months begun to learn…all because of his love for Reading Eggs. So thanks!” – Annette

“…Reading Eggs is FANTASTIC. I have just purchased the books, activity books and flashcards for my students that I work with as a special needs teacher in a primary school, who are struggling readers. They LOVE it too (boys!). Thanks for your help and thanks for an AWESOME programme for engaging, unenthusiastic and young readers!!!” – Erin

“I would just like to say a big thank you to Reading Eggs. What a wonderful learning tool this is. My daughter is 10 years old and has Down Syndrome. She has not been given any opportunity to learn to read and write at her school which is so disappointing and heart-breaking as she desperately wants to learn and be like her brother and sister. She started using Reading Eggs over the weekend and I am astounded at how quickly she is picking up simple words and sentences. She is so eager to get on and ‘play’ the wonderful and engaging games. I can’t thank you enough, I wish I found you earlier. I know that she will be reading and writing in no time using this site. She is so pleased with herself and what she has achieved so far. Thanks again.” – Kerstin

“My son has severe dyspraxia involving verbal, fine and gross motor skills. Since starting school he has lost all confidence in learning literacy, and avoids any literacy activities like the plague. Not so with Reading Eggs. It has given him much more than reading abilities. I can’t keep him off or get him to stop working on Reading Eggs.” – Jody

“Reading Eggs has been the best purchase for our [home education programme] this year. Our 8-year-old dyslexic son loves and learns from this visually exciting programme. It has helped his reading and also his writing as he has started his own ‘Reading Eggs’ story book! He draws his own map, creates characters for each level and writes a story for each one. Amazing!” – Edyth N.

“I just wanted to comment on this great programme that has made a huge change with my son’s ability to read. Riley is 4-and-a-half but was recently diagnosed with a severe receptive language disorder. I first saw this programme advertised on the ABC channel and I thought that this might help Riley. I am so surprised at the improvement of his understanding of letters and words already. Because of his disorder it has been hard to see how his development with reading and his understanding of letters and sounds are, but this has shown me how bright and capable he is. I’m so grateful. I encourage Riley to do a lesson or two a day and the results have been amazing. I have started to recommend this programme to other mothers I know that have children with similar difficulties. Well done to the creators of the Reading Eggs programme and thank you for making reading easier and enjoyable for my Riley.” – Candice

“Oh my god! For anyone waiting for reading recovery at your local school like I have for the past two terms in a private school with a child with a language disorder – don’t bother! Thank you Reading Eggs, you are the happy ending to a distressed mother wanting help for her son to learn how to read!” – Josephine

“This programme is brilliant!! It keeps my students motivated (hard to do with special needs students) and allows them to achieve success immediately. I would thoroughly recommend this programme to ALL primary school teachers.” – Andrew Johnson, South Bunbury Education Support Centre