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Kidspot Best of 2013 Award

By popular demand, Reading Eggs has released its first app, Eggy Words – Sight Words! This app will help your child recognise and learn the essential sight words that make up a large part of everyday reading. They will do this while playing a fun game that will keep them engaged for many hours. Eggy Words is comptabile with iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

There is a free version, Eggy 100, which contains the first 100 sight words or you can purchase the full version, Eggy 250, which contains the top 250 sight words your child will need to learn. Both apps are available to download on iTunes or Google Play.

*Not supported on Thompson Tablet

Key Features

  • Compatible on Apple and Android devices.
  • Children are learning and having fun on the go!
  • Up to 250 sight words to keep your child engaged.
  • App includes US, UK and Australian accents. You choose your preference!
  • Suitable for children aged 3+.
  • Eggy 100 and Eggy 250 are brought to you by the makers of Reading Eggs – a team of educators with more than 25 years of experience in early childhood education.
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App Suitable for Ages 3 Years and Up

Eggy 100 - FREE

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Eggy 250

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Definitely the best app I have purchased for my daughter...So helpful and she has so much fun! - Google User Review


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