Introducing The Playroom

We are delighted to announce that ABC Reading Eggs has a new addition: The Playroom!

The Playroom is designed for our younger Eggsplorers but is full of fun for everyone. We recommend that young Eggsplorers begin here to learn the navigation and mouse skills needed to be successful in the rest of their ABC Reading Eggs journey.

The Playroom contains more than 120 new activities including a paint easel, dress up corner, play mat, puzzle table and alphabet activities. Simply move your cursor around the room and watch as each area lights up with fun, interactive and educational activities for your child.

Your child can access the playroom at any time, simply by clicking on the Playroom icon located on the top right hand corner of your child’s navigation bar.

We have also made some improvements to the map navigation, located in the My Lessons section. The new navigation bar located at the bottom of the screen allows you to easily jump from one completed map to any other map.

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