Mathseeds Map 32 out now!

fun online maths games for year 3
Join the Mathseeds characters on their maths adventures around the world!

We’ve just released a brand new map in our online maths programme, Mathseeds!

Get ready for an exciting new adventure with Map 32, featuring five new lessons covering Year 3 maths.

Each lesson is based on a unique location, where children can apply key maths skills in the real world—from counting steps in Dubai’s Burj Khalifa tower, to dividing food in snowy Zermatt, Switzerland.

Map 32 includes:

  • Lesson 156, Counting 5000–10 000: Practise placing numbers on a number line and count forwards and backwards in thousands, hundreds and tens.
  • Lesson 157, Area 3: Learn to count squares to measure area, multiply the number of squares (length) by the number of squares (width) and find the area in m².
  • Lesson 158, Times Tables (x2, x4): Explore the x2 and x4 tables and learn to identify patterns in a hundred chart.
  • Lesson 159, Money (Equivalent Amounts 2): Practise matching different currency combinations to a given amount, counting collections of coins and notes to determine the value, and finding the correct change combinations from a given amount.
  • Lesson 160, Comparing & Ordering Fractions: Practise comparing the sizes of fractions, including mixed numbers up to 2. Learn to order simple fractions and mixed fractions on a number line.

So what are you waiting for? Embark on a fun-filled learning adventure and foster your child’s love of maths today!

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