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The Key to Successful Homeschooling in Florida: Reading Eggs


Are you a homeschooling parent in the Sunshine State, navigating the exciting journey of educating your child at home? You're not alone! Homeschooling in Florida is on the rise and we're here to guide you through this incredible adventure.  

In this article, we'll explore the growing trend of homeschooling in Florida, the reasons behind its popularity, and how educational resources like Reading Eggs can transform your homeschooling experience. 

Reading Eggs is aligned with Florida state standards. Download our free curriculum matrix HERE.

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The rise of homeschooling in Florida

Homeschooling is no longer a niche choice; it's a thriving educational movement in Florida. Recent statistics from the National Home Education Research Institute (Ray, 2023) indicate a significant surge in families opting for homeschooling, with Florida being second in the country with a substantial homeschooling population of approximately 143,431 students.  

Parents are choosing this path for various reasons, such as personalised education, safety concerns, and flexibility in their child's learning journey.  



The role of Reading Eggs when homeschooling in Florida 

As the homeschooling landscape evolves, resources such as online reading programs have become indispensable tools for parents. The award-winning program Reading Eggs program offers an array of benefits that align seamlessly with Florida’s educational standards. This alignment ensures that your child receives a top-notch education, while enjoying the freedom and flexibility of homeschooling.  

Best of all, you can be confident they’ll be learning with a multi-award winning, science-backed program developed by a team of highly experienced educators.   

How Reading Eggs supports Florida homeschooling 

Reading Eggs can be integrated into your child's homeschooling curriculum in numerous ways, creating a personalised learning experience. Here's how: 

1. Adaptability for homeschoolers

Reading Eggs caters to various reading levels, ages and abilities. Whether you have a kindergartener, sixth grader or struggling reader, the program adapts to your child's specific needs.

2. Tracking homeschool progress

Parents can easily monitor their child's progress through Reading Eggs. Set goals, view reports and watch as your child's reading skills flourish. The placement test ensures your child begins learning at the appropriate level. 

3. Flexibility and freedom

Homeschooling thrives on flexibility and Reading Eggs complements this perfectly. You can tailor the program to fit your schedule, making learning a stress-free and enjoyable experience.  

homeschooling in florida

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4. Free homeschool resources

The multi-award winning program provides a huge range of free downloadable resources crafted by seasoned educators to enhance home-based learning. Choose according to your child’s year level or the subject areas they are learning. Focus on skills with downloads for the alphabet, comprehension, maths, handwriting letter formation, phonics and much more. Reward your child with colourful certificates.

The cost of homeschooling in Florida is affordable with Reading Eggs 

Now, let's address the question that's on many parents' minds – how much does it cost to homeschool in Florida with Reading Eggs? The good news is that Reading Eggs is affordable, offering homeschoolers a reasonably priced subscription that up to four children can use.   

Flexible subscription plans also make it convenient for homeschooling families. Choose what works for you, whether it’s a monthly or 12-month all-access subscription.  Up to four kids in your family can get all the fun reading lessons, literacy activities and games they need to succeed with one subscription, at only US$9.99 a month or US$69.99 yearly.

Why not explore various options to find the one that best suits your needs and budget today? Find pricing information for any region HERE.

Success stories from homeschooling parents 

But don't just take our word for it – let's hear from parents who have embarked on their homeschooling journey with Reading Eggs. These real-life testimonials showcase the positive impact Reading Eggs has had on their homeschooling experience.

These stories serve as inspiring examples of how your child can thrive with Reading Eggs. 

“I am a home-schooling mother of two boys. I just wanted to thank you and all the Reading Eggs staff! You have all created an AMAZING tool to use in encouraging and strengthening my child's reading skills. My Bryson is 8 years old and really struggles with learning to read and enjoying reading at all. We have tried SEVERAL reading programs and curriculums, but nothing seemed to spark any interest. He is a very intelligent child, but bores easily. Reading Eggs has been able to hold his attention and get him excited about our school day. He actually went to bed last night saying he couldn't wait to do school tomorrow! I am so pleased with his response to this website! Thank you so much! You have helped this mama more than you will ever know! God bless you all! – Kelly M 

“After using ABC Mouse for several years I saw parents commenting online about how much they liked Reading Eggs. So we tried the 14 day free trial and my son loved it. I saw how it was helping my son with reading and also how much he loved the story generator and decided to sign up for a year. He still continues to want to use it and we're several months in.” – Monica Miller 

Reading Eggs has been the best purchase for our homeschool this year. Our 8-year-old dyslexic son loves and learns from this visually exciting program. It has helped his reading and also his writing as he has started his own 'ABC Reading Eggs' story book! He draws his own map, creates characters for each level and writes a story for each one. Amazing!” – Edyth N. 

Ray, Brian D., Ph.D. "HOMESCHOOLING: THE RESEARCH." Revised July 20, 2023, National Home Education Research Institute, 2023.

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