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From Coral Reefs to Whales: 34 Informative Ocean Books To Engage Your Students

Non-fiction ocean books for children

Are you teaching your class about the oceans this school term? Then these books are sure to make a great lesson resource.

Whether your students are budding marine biologists or simply curious about the creatures under the sea, these titles from the Reading Eggs Library are sure to inspire wonder, curiosity, and a love of the ocean.

A great cross-curricular teaching resource

The beauty of the Library is that it offers a multitude of opportunities for cross-curricular teaching. With over 3,500 titles and more, there are texts and stories to complement your science, literature, maths, art, history, social studies, or geography lesson.

For instance, books that cover topics such as ocean currents, marine ecosystems, and ocean conservation serve as excellent resources for teaching science. Similarly, books that delve into how oceans are formed and their effect on climate can be a great resource for geography lessons.

By incorporating more books into your lesson plans, students not only expand their knowledge of the topics they’re learning but also develop a love for reading. These books are ideal as take-home readers, for shared or individual classroom reading.

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Non-fiction ocean books for kids | Reading age: 5–7

Ocean books for kids 5 to 7 years old

If you teach a class of early learners, these titles are great for beginning readers.

  • Fins | Lexile: 20L

  • Sea animals | Lexile: 90L

  • Whales | Lexile: 330L

Non-fiction ocean books for kids | Reading age: 79

Go Facts series by Blake Publishing

Ocean books for kids 7 to 9 - Go Facts series by Blake Publishing

Designed for lower and middle primary students, the Go Fact series integrates science with reading and writing. Each book is packed with interesting facts and information about a variety of topics, making it an ideal resource for your literacy class or when you’re teaching a science thematic unit.

  • Marine Mammals | Lexile: 760L

  • Oceans | Lexile: 780L

  • People and the Sea | Lexile: 810L

  • Sea Life | Lexile: 790L

  • Coral Reefs | Lexile: 820L

These books also come with additional printable resources in the Teacher Library, to help you extend your students’ learning experiences.

Life Cycles series by BookLife Publishing

Ocean books for kids - Life cycle series

In this series, students explore interesting and important life cycles through engaging text and eye-catching designs. The captivating content makes it accessible to reluctant and confident readers alike.

  • Turtle | Lexile: 580L

  • Shark | Lexile: 580L

Weird Wild and Wonderful series

Ocean books for kids 7 to 9 - weird wild and wonderful series

Get ready to explore some of the planet's craziest and coolest animals! From tiny minibeasts to marine life, these books unpack the unique characteristics and fascinating facts about certain creatures in the animal kingdom.

  • Fish | Lexile: 530L

  • Marine Creatures | Lexile: 530L

  • Marine Minibeasts | Lexile: 570L

  • Crabs | Lexile: 590L

  • Sea Birds | Lexile: 610L

  • Marine Mammals | Lexile: 610L

Whales | Lexile: 520L

Are whales fish? Can they breathe underwater? From the small narwhal to the enormous blue whale, students will learn all about whales in this factual scientific text. Clear and easy to read, this is a great text to teach learners about writing factual descriptions and information reports.

Ocean Food Webs | Lexile: 570L

Ocean books for kids - Ocean food webs

With a conversational tone, Ocean Food Webs introduces students to the wide range of animals that make up this massive ecosystem. With vibrant photographs throughout, this book is sure to captivate readers and expand their knowledge of the science behind marine life webs.

Who ate the Penguin | Lexile: 570L

Journey to Antarctica and explore the ocean food chain. With beautiful photography and engaging text, readers will discover how plants and animals are linked together in a complex web of life, and learn the vocabulary associated with food chains.

Top 10 Fastest Sea Animals | Lexile: 610L

Ocean books for kids - Top 10 Fastest Sea Animals

Discover some of the fastest sea animals on the planet! From the giant orca to the spectacular sailfish, watch your students learn how these sea creatures use their speedy skills to survive and thrive. This book features stand-alone spreads, so readers can flip pages and read in any order.

Aquarium Explorers | Lexile: 620L

Explore the different aquarium exhibits in this Really Readable series. The Really Readable series was created to support the reading development of young readers with learning differences. Published by the British Dyslexia Association, these books feature clear and accessible layouts for easier reading by all.

Wild Waves | Lexile: 780L

Ocean books for kids - Wild Waves

How does a destructive tidal wave start and how do surfers manage those great rides? Read all about waves in this informative book accompanied by diagrams and images. This book also comes with additional printable resources. Don’t forget to check them out in the Teacher Library.

Rachel Carson: Conservation Crusader | Lexile: 780L

Ocean books for kids about marine conservation - Rachel Carson

Rachel Carson was an American writer and marine biologist, who became one of the first conservation advocates and environmental scientists in the United States. This chapter biography introduces readers to Carson’s life, as well as her work, including Silent Spring and its influence on the United States and the pesticide industry.

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Non-fiction ocean books for kids | Reading age: 912

Earth’s Landforms and Bodies of Water | Lexile: 590L

This book explains how Earth is covered by landforms and bodies of water, all of which change shape over time. Students will learn about landforms such as mountains, valleys and dunes, as well as waterways such as oceans, rivers, and ponds.

Show Me Geography: Oceans | Lexile: 790L

Ocean books for kids - Show me geography Oceans

What causes an avalanche? Where in the world does it rain the most? All these questions and more, answered in this wonderful geography book.

Tiny Things Big Impacts: Plankton | Lexile: 820L

Ocean books for kids - Plankton

Plankton might seem small but they have a huge impact on the world. These pint-sized planet protectors give us food, make our medicine and save our seas – not to mention parachutes and bulletproof vests! Zoom in on the little things in life with this big book of tiny creatures.

Vampires Can Swim! And other Strange Facts | Lexile: 850L

Ocean books for kids - Vampires can swim

From a fish that looks like bubble gum to one that has shocking abilities, uncover the wild and strange world of aquatic animals. In this book, students will learn about unique water animals, how they hunt, grow, and learn about their remarkable talents.

The Seaside | Lexile: 930L

The Seaside investigates places where people live. The book uses simple text to explore the geographical, historical and environmental features of each area, plus considerations to how and why people live there.

Oceans Inside Out | Lexile: 980L

From the teeming surface to the darkest depths, Oceans Inside Out takes readers on a journey through the enchanting world of the ocean. With vivid descriptions and stunning imagery, watch your students peel back the corners of this ecosystem and explore the many creatures that call it home.

On the Job: Ocean Lover Marine Biologist | Lexile: 990L

Ocean Lover Marine Biologist - Earth Day books about Conservation

Would you like to swim to the bottom of the ocean? Students discover what it takes to be a marine biologist and get a tour behind the scenes. Other titles from the On the Job series can also be found in the Reading Eggs Library.

Mapping Oceans | Lexile: 1020L

Ocean books for kids - Mapping Oceans

Mapping Oceans is sure to get your students’ brains buzzing. In this book, students learn about various oceanic geography around the world and how we map the world around us.

Scuba Diving | Lexile: 1040L

Ready for an adventure? Explore deep beneath the sea and find out more about this underwater sport. This book talks about scuba diving techniques, equipment and safety.

Stars of Surfing | Lexile: 1060L

Ocean books for kids - Stars of surfing

Plunge into the world of competitive surfing and read interesting recounts from over eight professional surfers. Get a peek of what goes behind riding a wave, how waves work, the skills involved and more!

Oceans | Lexile: 1080L

Through vivid descriptions and photographs, students will explore the dangerous currents and storms that are produced by the ocean. The book also delves into the diverse world of marine life and provides useful notes on how to keep the ocean clean.

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