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How to Teach Children to Read – 4 Tips

How to Teach Children to Read – 4 Tips

Teaching children how to read involves many different instructional methods. Some of the fundamental methods to teach a child to read include:

Rereading books to build fluency

Reading books several times may seem boring to the parent, but to the child it is very beneficial. Children are hard-wired to learn through repetition, and re-reading a book can help them reinforce vocabulary, pronunciations and spelling found in the book. Also, nursery rhymes with repetitive lines can similarly be very beneficial for children.

Keeping your child motivated to learn

Positive reinforcement is critical to children just starting to read. Not only does it motivate them to learn, it also lets them know when they are doing something correctly. Giving your child an encouraging word, a smile, a sticker or even a hug are great ways to tell them they are on the right track.

Using a variety of instructional formats

Make learning to read interesting and fun for your child by teaching them in a variety of ways. Learning to read doesn’t have to be limited to just reading a book, answering questions or worksheets. Playing word games, guessing games, going shopping, cooking and singing songs all involve reading in some way. It’s important that learning to read doesn’t become a chore for your child. The more fun they are having, the more effectively they will learn.

Regular Reading

Make sure you read regularly with your child. Set aside a special time and place where you can read with your child every day. Reading time doesn’t have to be limited to just before bedtime or indoors. Be creative – read in the backyard, the park, the beach, or anywhere your child enjoys spending time.

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