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12 Gardening Books For Kids That Help Inspire a Love of Nature

Gardening books in the Reading Eggs Library

Gardening is not only a fun and educational activity, but it also teaches students about the natural world and encourages them to appreciate and care for the environment.

If you're looking to spark a love for gardening in your classroom or at home, then you've come to the right place! We’ve handpicked a list of gardening books in the Reading Eggs Library that are perfect for nature lovers.

From vibrant picture books to informational texts, these titles will inspire students to cultivate their green thumbs. Watch their reading bloom today!

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In the Garden

Gardening books for children - In the Garden

What can you see when you look in the garden? In this book, readers learn how to describe animals seen in different parts of the garden. You can also find teacher notes and worksheets in the Teacher Library.

Reading age: 5–7 years old | Lexile: 220L

Moose Plants a Garden

Gardening books for children - Moose Plants a Garden

Moose is no ordinary dog! While his owner, Frank, is away for the day, Moose diligently tends to the yard. When Frank comes back, he is delighted to find the yard adorned with beautiful flowers that Moose has planted. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the Moose series in the Reading Eggs Library.

Reading age: 5–7 years old | Lexile: 280L


Gardening books for children - Compost

Learn all about composting and what goes in a compost bin. Compost is also a phonics reading book that corresponds to Phase 4 of Letters and Sounds.

Reading age: 5–7 years old | Lexile: 440L

Monster in the Garden

Gardening books for children - Monster in the Garden

Patrick hears a funny noise in the garden. It sounds like a cat, but Patrick doesn’t have a cat. Then he sees a flash of blue and five golden eyes staring at him from the bushes! What is it? This short, illustrated fiction text for newly independent readers is ideal for building reading confidence.

Reading age: 5–7 years old | Lexile: 540L

Pollination Pals

Gardening books for children - Pollination Pals

Meet the pollinators. These interesting insects, birds, mammals and lizards have a very important job to do - to help plants reproduce. This book presents concepts in a relatable way to engage young readers and provide teachers with informational texts to support science curriculums.

Reading age: 5–7 years old | Lexile: 550L

Wiggly Worms

Gardening books for children - Wiggly Worms

Wiggly Worms introduces readers to the miniature world of worms. From learning about their habitat to how they live, young nature enthusiasts will unearth important facts about these garden crawlers.

Reading age: 5–7 years old | Lexile: 570L


Gardening books for children - Worms

In this book, readers dive into the world of worms and discover how they play a crucial role in nature by decomposing dead leaves and animals and enriching soil with their nutrient-rich castings.

Reading age: 5–7 years old | Lexile: 580L

How to Grow a Garden

Gardening books for children - How to grow a garden

Planning to grow a garden as part of a class project or at home? With a designated teaching focus, before-and-after reading activities and more, this book is designed to help young learners observe, question and implement ideas to reach a successful outcome.

Reading age: 5–7 years old | Lexile: 560L

How to Make a Terrarium

Gardening books for children - How to make a terrarium

Can a garden be indoors? Featuring a step-by-step format, readers will learn how to build their own tiny garden in a glass container. It also offers them the opportunity to reach conclusions by following simple, organised directions.

Reading age: 5–7 years old | Lexile: 570L

Dig, Plant, Feast!

Gardening books for children - Dig Plant Feast

A lovely non-fiction story about how Carson and his classmates make something special with the vegetables they’ve grown in the school friendship garden.

Reading age: 5–7 years old | Lexile: 570L

Amazing Ants

Gardening books for children - Amazing Ants

Learn all about ants and how they function in their natural element. Readers will discover amazing facts about these hard-working critters, from how they reproduce to what they do when no one is looking.

Reading age: 7–9 years old | Lexile: 610L

Operation Green Thumbs

Gardening books for children - Operation Green Thumbs

All Alex wants is a new bike, so she decides to take on a new job. She goes to her neighbour Old Man Oliver to ask if he needs extra help to tend to his garden, but he has other ideas… Teacher notes and worksheets for this text are included in the Teacher Library.

Reading age: 10 and above | Lexile: 580L

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