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How to get the best results from your Reading Eggs free trial


Make the most of your Reading Eggs free trial to see positive results with your child's reading and literacy skills in weeks! Free Trial

Firstly, congratulations on taking a step towards helping your child learn to read or improve on their existing literacy skills. If you’re a busy parent or carer looking into how you can make the most of your Reading Eggs trial, you’ve come to the right place. 

You can count on the multi-award winning programme to help your child to develop their literacy and independent learning skills. 

We recommend using the programme for approximately 15 minutes a day to see noticeable results.  If your child is very young, you may prefer to spend only 15 minutes a day over three days a week on the programme. Best of all, Reading Eggs is proven to help young learners learn to read, or improve their existing reading skills within the timeframe of your trial – a mere matter of weeks.  

Thousands of parents have witnessed their child's reading improve within their 30-day trial period. In fact, 91% of parents reported seeing a noticeable improvement in a few short weeks

 [I] am on a free trial of Reading Eggs and I think it is brilliant. My 4-year-old son LOVES it and I shall certainly be purchasing a subscription in a few weeks' time! This is a great programme and I shall be recommending it to friends.” – Rebecca

Read on for some easy, top tips on how to get the best results in the shortest amount of time during your free trial.

Why Reading Eggs works  

Firstly, it's important to understand the benefits of this multi-award winning programme for children aged 2–13. It’s based on scientific research and proven learning principles to cover the five components of reading.  

This expert-designed learning resource supports your child to learn to read with fun online reading games and activities that are self paced and easy to follow.  The programme tracks your child’s progress, providing personalised recommendations for structured lessons so that they’re always working at their own level and building on skills.  

Aim for regular Reading Eggs sessions to see results in weeks!  

Consistency can really help when it comes to your child's learning journey, so aim to incorporate Reading Eggs intentionally into their daily routine, if possible.  

Scheduling a regular time to use Reading Eggs helps your child know what to expect and look forward to. Regular practice means you’ll see great results early on in your free trial. The sense of achievement will also help keep your child motivated to learn.  

Every student has a distinct learning style and learns better during certain times of the day. Focus on what works best for your child whether it’s morning, after school or before bed.  


For beginner readers start with Reading Eggs Junior, included with your Reading Eggs free trial.  Free Trial

A short amount of time on Reading Eggs equals big results 

If you have a very young child, choose the amount of time you feel is best. We recommend just 15 minutes a day on Reading Eggs as this is plenty of time for your child to build their early reading skills. That’s much less time than the WHO-recommended one‑hour limit of daily screen time! 

A safe space to learn and thrive  

We’re all about fun, positive screen time here at Reading Eggs so you can feel confident this block of online time will be educational and safe. No pesky advertisements or distractions will disrupt your little one’s learning. Reading Eggs is a kidSAFE certified website

Why not prioritise Reading Eggs' fun, educational activities or videos, instead of YouTube Kids for your child’s daily positive screen time? They can also enjoy one of the 3500+ books from the Reading Eggs library; children earn golden eggs for reading books from the library and with a wide range of genres, there’s something for everyone to enjoy! 

Keeping your child motivated is easy with your Reading Eggs free trial 

If your child is procrastinating or struggling to stay motivated, there are a few things you can try. First, ensure that you choose the right activities and lessons for their level. Reading Eggs has a placement test that helps determine your child's level and suggests appropriate activities. Then get your child into the fun elements of the programme! 

how to use your reading eggs free trial

Reading Eggs' fun and exciting monthly themes motivate children to learn. Free Trial

Fun monthly themes to look forward to 

A wonderful way to keep your child on task and engaged with their lessons is with our exciting monthly themes. Your child will love the element of surprise and uncovering how Reggie has transformed each month. Previous fun, dynamic themes have included dress-ups, space and the circus.

The themes will keep your child motivated to complete more lessons, read more books and earn more golden eggs, as the enticing shop offers colourful clothes, funky furniture and other items they can purchase. 

Your child will love creating their own avatar  

Your child will have so much fun personalising their own avatar! This is a brilliant way to help them feel invested in their learning experience. They’ll enjoy plenty of options, from choosing facial features and hairstyles, bodies just like theirs or if they prefer, animals or even robots. They can also pull together a cool outfit with accessories to match!


Reading Eggspress library  

Complement your child’s Reading Eggs sessions by reading e-books from the incredible online library included in the programme. It’s jam-packed with over 3500 titles covering every genre and level. Choose from decodable readers, alphabet books for beginner readers, early chapter books, fascinating nonfiction, plays, and even poetry. 

Hundreds of free printables included   

Mix it up with some offline time by downloading the full range of Reading Eggs worksheets available to you during your free trial. Your child can reinforce their reading and writing skills with the engaging activity sheets that correspond with the lessons in the programme. The worksheets help to build phonics, letter recognition, sight words, comprehension, and spelling skills. Check out the fun formats available such as letter formation placemats and mazes.  


Use Reading Eggs on desktop or devices 

Your child may feel more engaged when using the Reading Eggs programme on a desktop, or the app on their iPad or Android device. Either way, they’ll have access to all the features and activities.  

The app makes it convenient for your child to enjoy a huge range of interactive activities, games, lessons, e-books and videos anywhere. This means they can enjoy their scheduled Reading Eggs time while at their grandparents’ house, in the car or even while you’re doing the weekly shopping.  

Leverage Reading Eggs multi-layered reward system during your free trial 


Your child can enjoy earning exciting and motivating rewards during your Reading Eggs free trial. Free Trial

Kids thrive when they have a clear goal they need to achieve, especially if there’s a dangling carrot keeping them on task. Reading Eggs is designed for engaging educational fun to keep your child motivated and on track.

Golden eggs 

When using the Reading Eggs programme, your child can earn golden eggs for every lesson they complete. These motivational rewards stack up in your little one’s very own Eggy Bank and can be used to buy games and items from the Plaza to personalise their avatars or house.  

Reading Eggs certificates 


Additionally, the programme offers certificates for completing various milestones, such as finishing a lesson or achieving a certain level. Print these out during your free trial period to congratulate your little one on all their hard work, while also helping to encourage their continued efforts

Reading Eggs Journal 


This exciting feature will motivate your child by celebrating their reading achievements with literacy‑linked rewards for the number of days reading has taken place. As your child passes milestones when reading for a set number of days, going up in increments from five to 200 days, they will get a virtual sticker pack, a downloadable certificate and a motivational reading poster

Encourage your child to share their Reading Journal with their grandparents or friends. Watch them beam with pride!

See exactly how your child is progressing during your free Reading Eggs trial 

Parents progress reports 

Reading Eggs keeps you in the loop with regular progress reports, sent via email. These will detail your child's progress and show areas where they may need additional support.

This has been great, [my daughter] is soooooooooo motivated. She is 5 […] and Reading Eggs is enhancing her skills so much. Receiving your report of her progress has made her so happy and proud. This is such a great resource. Thank you.” – Rosi 

End-of-lesson quizzes 

At the end of each lesson, your child will be presented with a motivating 10-question quiz that tests their understanding and mastery of the concepts and skills covered. They need to get eight questions right to pass the test and hatch a critter at the end.  

The quiz format prompts kids to try their best to achieve good results and boosts their confidence. 

Need help during your Reading Eggs free trial? 

Don’t be afraid to reach out for help if you encounter any issues during your free trial period. Our friendly, award-winning customer service team would love to hear from you and help with any questions or challenges you may have by phone or online.

We also have a comprehensive knowledge base that covers everything and anything you may need assistance with. We’ve got you covered, from frequently asked questions (FAQ), technical troubleshooting or information about the Reading Eggs programme. 

There are also detailed lesson overviews and user guides in your family dashboard under the ‘Bonus Material’ tab. If you prefer video, our Reading Eggs YouTube channel also has ‘how to’ videos to guide you

We hope you and your child enjoy making the most of your Reading Eggs free trial. We back our expert-designed, proven programme and hope you see some great results with your child’s reading and literacy skills over the next few weeks. Remember, consistency is key; by incorporating Reading Eggs into your child’s daily routine for mere minutes a day, you’ll be helping them develop strong reading and writing skills that will benefit them for years to come.

Reading Eggs testimonials  

“Our son commenced Reading Eggs about 12 to 18 months prior to going to school. I am telling you this to let you know that our son is the top reader in his class of 26 children! We don't push him at all, HE pushes us as he WANTS to read ALL the time.  We attribute his desire to read and his enjoyment of reading to Reading Eggs. One of our hopes for our children is a relatively smooth path through school and Reading Eggs has at least started our son along that path. We sincerely thank you for devising such a programme that our son enjoyed so very much. It has made reading fun and motivated him to read more and more. We will certainly be starting our 3-year-old on the path to Reading Eggs very soon. We can't rave about this programme enough – it truly is fantastic.” – Alex & Graham 

“What a great programme. There are so many learning products around, but this one is solid gold. From a trial only, my 4-year-old basically taught himself to read. Of course, we always read books together at home, but this programme promoted his independent learning. It is so easy to use that preschoolers can run with it. He is now 5 years old and at school. He is a confident, independent learner who loves school." – Nikki  

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