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Celebrate Your Pupils' Achievements with Our New End-of-Map Certificates!

Reading Eggs new end-of-map certificates

Certificates and rewards play an integral role in acknowledging pupils' reading achievements and efforts. They boost motivation and increase engagement and confidence when learning to read.

Part of the magic of Reading Eggs is our multi-layered reward system, which includes golden eggs that can be redeemed for rewards, egg-hatching at the end of each lesson to reveal new critters and our end-of-map reward certificates that celebrate your pupils' performance.

First look at the new Reading Eggs certificates

Recently our end-of-map reward certificates have been given a fantastic makeover to highlight your pupils' progress AND to help you celebrate all of their achievements. Pupils also get to customise their certificates by choosing their critters and adding colourful stickers.

Reading Eggs new certificates design -adding stickers
Reading Eggs new certificates design - adding critters

Our new end-of-map certificates celebrate your pupils' achievements by:

  • recognising quiz completion

  • featuring each level, map and lesson your child has completed

  • displaying letters and sounds learned

  • displaying words read

  • noting the sample of sentences read

When pupils can see exactly what they’ve achieved, they are motivated to complete more lessons and gain more confidence in their reading skills.

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Where can I find the new Reading Eggs certificates?

You can find the new certificates in the Teacher Dashboard.

Once you’ve logged in to your Reading Eggs account, head over to the “Management” tab on the left-hand side of your Teacher Dashboard and select “Manage Pupils” from the list.

This is where you can see all certificates for all three programs within Reading Eggs (Reading Eggs, Reading Eggspress and Fast Phonics). You can select all pupils to print certificates for the whole class or print certificates for one or a few pupils.

Click the “View Certificates” button and select the tick box next to your pupil's name.

Where can pupils find their Reading Eggs certificates?

Reading Eggs new certificates awards area

Pupils can find them in the “Awards” section in their Pupil Dashboard in Reading Eggs.

How do I print my pupils' certificates in Reading Eggs?

Click on the “Download” button next to the applicable pupil's name. If you want to email the certificates to parents or yourself, you can open and save them in as a PDF file and attach them to your email.

Pupils will only see their highest award earnt. So, if a pupil earns a gold award certificate and redid the quiz and earns a silver award, they will only see their gold award certificate.

What will happen to the old certificates?

Old certificates that are previously earnt will be updated to the new ones. Any certificates that your pupils earn after the release will show the new certificates.

Bonus tip: Showcasing your pupils' success

Use the new certificates to spotlight your pupils' accomplishments! Print all the previous certificates in the brand-new format so you can display each of their achievement from the very first map.

Designate a special “Reading Eggs Wall of Fame” or noticeboard where you display all your pupils' certificates to showcase their achievements. This serves as a constant reminder and inspires them to keep learning.

Celebrate your pupils' reading achievements with our brand-new interactive certificates.

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