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Reading Eggs Meets ESSA Rating Evidence Standards

Reading Eggs ESSA Certification

We’re thrilled to announce that our acclaimed online reading program Reading Eggs, has recently met the rigorous Level III evidence certification under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

This milestone shows the effectiveness of Reading Eggs for educators seeking reliable, research-backed educational tools.

Under ESSA, educational programs are evaluated to ensure they meet high standards of evidence and effectiveness.

Level III certification requires a program to demonstrate evidence of its effectiveness through correlational studies.

This level of certification assures educators and district leaders that Reading Eggs has a statistically significant effect on improving student outcomes.

Reading Eggs’ commitment to efficacy and excellence

Reading Eggs has long been celebrated for its engaging, interactive, and highly effective approach to teaching reading.

Designed for Grades PreK5, it uses games, songs, and rewards to make learning fun and engaging, keeping students motivated.

Its curriculum is research-based and aligned with individual learning needs, making it popular in districts and classrooms worldwide.

Achieving Level III evidence certification under ESSA further reinforces Reading Eggs' commitment to delivering high-quality educational content that genuinely impacts learning outcomes.

The role of Learn Platform in assessing Reading Eggs' efficacy

To objectively evaluate its efficacy, Reading Eggs partnered with Learn Platform, an analytics company that specialises in measuring the impact of educational technology.

Learn Platform conducted comprehensive correlational studies to assess how effectively Reading Eggs improves reading skills among its users.

Through collaboration with Learn Platform, Reading Eggs has demonstrated transparency and a commitment to continuous improvement, based on solid evidence.

A proven solution for enhancing reading

The ESSA Level III certification of Reading Eggs assures educators that the program is not only engaging and user-friendly but also proven to effectively enhance students' reading skills.

For students who struggle with reading, it also signifies access to a validated resource that makes the journey of learning to read more enjoyable and successful.

Explore Reading Eggs' evidence-based effectiveness

For an in-depth analysis of Reading Eggs' ESSA Level III approval, including the correlational studies and methodologies used, you can download the comprehensive report.

Want to learn more about Reading Eggs for your school or district? Schedule your free consultation with our team today.

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