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Highlights from Reading Eggs and Mathseeds in 2022  


We love helping children learn to read and build their early maths skills. We’re all about helping you set up your little ones to be successful lifelong learners. 

Continuing to grow is also something we’re passionate about doing here at Reading Eggs! We're always listening to customer feedback to grow and improve the programme. 

This is why we’re always creating better ways for children to learn, informed by the latest research and national curriculum updates.

From our phenomenally popular Reading Journal, new reporting features, expanding our Fast Phonics and Mathseeds programmes to adding thousands of new books to our incredible online library. There’s just so much for your kids to explore!  

You can feel confident your child is in safe hands with our proven approach to helping children learn and develop a lifelong love of reading. After all, we’ve been around for decades with our multi-award winning learning products.  

So, without further ado, we’re proud to review the exciting new features we’ve added to our repertoire in 2022. Enjoy! 

Reading Journal – more than half a million created to date!  

Reading-journal-new Reading-Eggs-Features_2022

This exciting new feature has been a runaway success, with over 500,000 journals created since it was released in September this year.

Children delight in personalising their Reading Journal; they can decorate every page with colourful stickers, tapes and pins. They can also choose a unique journal cover to suit their style, with a new decorative theme each month.

Our main driver for creating the Reading Journal? To help children harness and embed the love for reading into their everyday lives.

It’s wonderful to see children proud of their reading achievements and motivated to keep adding to their list. If your child hasn’t set up their Reading Journal yet, encourage them to do it today – they’ll love sharing it with their friends and families.

The Reading Journal:

  • motivates your child with literacy-linked rewards (stickers and posters)

  • celebrates and supports their daily reading

  • promotes ownership of their reading journey

  • supports ‘book talk’ with the option to rate and comment on each book.

Reading Eggs end-of-lesson skills quizzes

We also added a new skills quiz feature to Reading Eggs, so children are able to check how they've performed in each lesson they complete.

Every 10-question quiz assesses if your child has understood and mastered the important skills and concepts covered in each lesson. To pass the test children need to get eight questions correct to hatch the critter at the end.

The quizzes are designed to help boost children’s confidence and ensure they have a sound understanding of the lesson content. The quiz format makes the assessments motivating for kids and prompts them to try their very best to achieve good results.

Fast Phonics – after adding a whole new programme, we’ve made it bigger and better!


Based on solid scientific research, Fast Phonics helps children become strong readers using the proven power of systematic phonics instruction. The programme boosts reading skills fast; It's perfect for ages 5–10, or for older children who may be struggling at school.

Fast Phonics was added as part of a Reading Eggs subscription at no extra cost – that's a whole new programme designed to further extend the essential phonics skills your child needs for reading success!

Children learn key phonics skills through 20 fun-filled activities, each one being a Mountain Peak covering one set of letters with more than 20 exciting activities! Some of the phonics skills your child will learn includes letter-sound recognition, blending and spelling.

More recently, we added more lessons to Fast Phonics as well as a placement test, to make sure your child is learning at the perfect level for their ability.

More than 100 decodable readers in the Library!

The Reading Eggs Library got bigger and better with over 100 newly added phonics decodable readers. With these new additions, there are over 280 phonics decodable readers to choose from.

The latest additions align to the end of Fast Phonics Phase 3 (Peak 11) and the end of Phase 4 (Peak 13) with the later books revising all the phonemes previously covered, plus one phoneme in each book from Phase 5. These readers are an excellent way to build your child’s phonics skills and reading confidence.

Over 1000 new books added to Reading Eggs' online library

reading-eggs library-new-books-2022

Our huge online library now boasts over 3500 books for children of all ages and reading abilities. With colourful illustrations, captivating stories and fascinating nonfiction books spanning all genres, your child will fall in love with reading.

This is a library with a difference, as the books end with a short, optional comprehension quiz to assess your child's understanding.

Not to mention exciting golden egg rewards they can earn to keep them motivated to read and learn. We also saw over 30 science books added to the Reading Eggs Library to nurture budding scientists.

Time on Task

time-on-task feature-2022

This small but mighty update was designed to give you more insight into the average time your child is spending learning with the programme.

It also helps to keep you informed about the number of sessions your child has completed. It is great for reporting and particularly useful for our homeschooling families.

Other Reading Eggs' new additions you may have missed...

Mental Minute – helping your child build maths fact fluency


Mental Minute is an exciting area we added to our multi-award winning online maths programme, Mathseeds. It is designed specifically to build maths fact fluency. This is the ability to recall basic maths facts accurately, quickly and with ease. And it only takes a minute!

Each sprint allows your child to learn a new set of maths facts in one exciting and rewarding minute. They'll enjoy the highly engaging and sequenced format, which will keep them focused and eager to achieve mastery.

There are 145 timed sprints to complete that gradually increase in difficulty. Children earn collectable badges which keep them motivated to boost their scores, and progress through three levels, which will keep them focused and challenged to improve their instant recall of essential maths facts.

Mathseeds end-of-lesson skills quizzes


Our fun-filled online maths programme, Mathseeds, now features end‑of‑lesson skills quizzes after every lesson. Each quiz assesses your child's understanding and mastery of key skills and concepts covered in the lesson.

The embedded, 10‑question assessments use a highly engaging quiz format that will motivate your child to achieve their best. It allows them to be invested in their own learning and feel proud of the results they achieve.

These new quizzes also mean new reporting features for parents and teachers, with the results of the quizzes being visible along with highlighting the strengths and areas that need extra work with each child.

Foldable booklets for every lesson in Reading Eggs!


Did you see our updates to the printable worksheets in Reading Eggs? The PDFs have been given a wonderful makeover and now include a foldable booklet at the end of each set!

You can print the booklets and read them together with your child. There is a booklet for every sound and colourful images to help children identify objects that begin with each sound.

Kids can also hone fine motor skills by cutting along the lines. They’ll love the fun, creative aspect of making the booklets themselves.

Stay tuned for more exciting Reading Eggs' updates in the new year

Keep an eye out for other big updates in 2023, including a whole new section in Mathseeds for Year 4.

As you can see, we’ve been busy making sure your child benefits from the best programme possible when learning reading and early maths skills.

We’ll continue to bring more exciting features, so you can feel confident your child is always learning, in the most effective, valuable way possible.

We are very grateful for your feedback and are motivated to keep excelling when we hear back about how many children have benefited from our Reading Eggs and Mathseeds programmes. Please look out for our brand-new features coming out very soon!

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