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Story Reading for Kids – 5 Tips

Story Reading for Kids – 5 Tips

Reading stories together with your child is one of the best ways that you can help them develop the confidence and skills to eventually learn to read on their own. Try some of the following tips to make story reading times for kids all the more fun and effective:

1. Regular Reading Time

Make sure you designate a regular reading time and place where you and your child can read in comfort and free from any distractions. Your reading place doesn’t have to be indoors, you can try going outside to the park or maybe even the beach to ensure reading doesn’t become too routine. By having a regular reading time your child will soon get into the habit of reading regularly.

2. Tonality and Expression

Try and make reading as engaging as possible for your child by impersonating as best you can the voices of the different characters in the story. Use different tonality for different aspects of the story, for example a slow, hushed tone when building suspense. By doing this reading will soon become a highly entertaining exercise that your child will look forward to.

3. Make Sure They’re Keeping Up

When you finish reading a page or chapter of a book, try doing a quick recap of what happened or ask your child a few questions about what happened to ensure they are keeping up with the story. Doing a quick recap and asking them questions will also help improve their comprehension.

4. Ask Questions about what might happen

Keep your child looking towards how the story may develop by asking them questions about what might happen next. This will allow you to see how closely they are following the story and give them the chance to use their imagination.

5. Build Anticipation to the next Reading Time

To help your child look forward to your next reading time, try and leave off just before a twist in the story, so that they will be left looking forward to finding out what happens in the story next time!

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