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15 Negative Reading Eggs Reviews (That We Probably Agree With!)

negative review reading eggs

When it comes to negative Reading Eggs reviews, we're all ears. In fact, we take these reviews so seriously that they might just be the secret ingredient to our cracking success as a multi-award winning reading program.

Join us as we explore 15 negative Reading Eggs reviews that'll leave you chuckling and reveal how Reading Eggs turns the 'bad' into 'brilliant' for young learners.

15 negative Reading Eggs reviews from REAL parents 

1. My child won't watch TV anymore! (by Rosy)

negative reading eggs review child hates tv

“This morning he said, 'I don't watch TV anymore, I just do Reading Eggs!'” 

Translation: Reading Eggs has magically transformed Rosy’s child into a passionate reader who'd rather learn all key reading skills, instead of binge-watching cartoons. This is especially annoying for his dad who can no longer enjoy marathon Bluey sessions with him. 

2. Reading Eggs causes fights (by Racheal) 

negative review

“I had a 6-year-old boy who really battled with reading, and even opening a book was a challenge. Now both my 6-year-old and almost 4-year-old fight over who gets to do Reading Eggs each afternoon.” 

Translation: Racheal is grateful to Reading Eggs for motivating both her children to develop a love of reading – and a competitive edge. No need for them to argue Racheal, up to four kids can use one subscription!

3. My child interrupts me when we’re reading! (by Gina)

negative reading eggs reviews child reads for meaning

“[My child] keenly picks out letters and words that she recognises when we're reading traditional books and picks up things like word repetition on the page. She also talks about it and relates everyday things to Reading Eggs; she may hear a word or phrase and say, 'Mum, I learned that on my Reading Eggs.'”  

Translation: Thanks to Reading Eggs Gina’s child has learned to read for meaning, discuss the story in-depth and solidify her comprehension skills. But we admit, this would really disrupt your bedtime reading flow! 

4. My children won't stop begging to learn! (by Amy)

negative reviews reading eggs begging to use

I have two children, 5 and 7, who beg me to play on your program constantly. With so much junk on the net it’s great to be able to avoid it all and send my kids to the computer knowing how much they can learn and play with Reading Eggs!” 

Translation: Reading Eggs has made learning irresistible for Amy’s little Eggsplorers and she doesn’t mind the begging as “they can avoid junk on the net” while learning and playing instead. 

5. They're too independent! (by Brian)

"[My son] is confidently navigating around the map selecting lessons and the extra activities – all independently."

Translation: Reading Eggs fosters independence in learning and Brian’s child's confidence is soaring! But it’s happening all too fast. We know that parent dilemma – they may be ready to let go of our hand, but we’re not! 

6. What’s happened to our little gamer? (by Chris)

reading eggs negative review

“Given the choice my son would choose Reading Eggs over Mario Kart.” 

Translation: Chris is amazed that Reading Eggs has sparked a new passion that rivals even Mario Kart in his son's heart. Too bad if his parents were keen to raise the next Mario Kart champion.  

7. Oh no! He’s going to take over our computer! (by Jennifer Ware)

“My younger child is engaged by the lessons and also motivated by the games and rewards. A surprise benefit is that his computer and keyboard skills are improving.” 

Translation: Jennifer is actually happy to share the computer, especially as her child is thriving and building useful tech skills that will set him up for a lifetime of success. But we all know what it’s like to share devices with other family members. Things can change fast...  

8. Reading Eggs has ruined screen time! (by Mickelle, Homeschooler) 

negative reading eggs reviews

“I love that they're getting a variety of language arts activities (similes, main idea, spelling, etc.) and that they can spend 'healthy' time on the computer.” 

Translation: Thanks to Reading Eggs, Mickelle’s kids now spend their positive screen time on educational adventures. Goodbye, mindless binge-watching and scrolling (but sorry if that was your thing).

9. My child is insatiable! (by Catherine)  

negative reading eggs reviews  motivated boy learning

“It motivates my child to complete his work from school so he can get onto the Reading Eggs app.” 

Translation: Catherine’s child has developed a voracious appetite for knowledge thanks to our science-backed reading program and she’s proud they’re using various programs to learn. Good thing Reading Eggs includes four literacy programs rolled into one, plus the option of adding Mathseeds, to keep this little learner occupied! 

10. There’s too much variety for homeschoooling! (by Morgan I.) 

"The lessons and quizzes keep my children (5 and 7) engaged and excited to learn! [It] allows me to supplement their homeschooling with computer/iPad work rather than book work only...and they love that!”

Translation: Morgan I. is making the most of the wonderful resources available to homeschoolers and her children are super motivated! But if you’re not too keen on variety, you may need to look elsewhere.  

11. My two-year-old is an addict (by Kate)  

reading eggs negative review screen time

My son began Reading Eggs at 2, and now he's on Map 6, reading basic books. The best part? He's utterly addicted. He is so completely addicted that we can get him to do anything else simply by threatening a day without Reading Eggs.” 

Translation: Kate is grateful her two-year-old is not only reading but developing a lifelong love of learning thanks to Reading Eggs. But be warned: Reading Eggs really IS loads of fun.  

12. Learning is just too much fun! (by Sarah)

negative-reviews-reading -eggs-too-fun

"You have made what can be difficult to learn into fun and games. She thinks it is a reward for her whereas in fact it is education.”

Translation: Reading Eggs has cracked the code to make learning enjoyable and educational for Sarah’s child. They can't resist the fun-filled lessons! But could it be too much fun? (We don’t think there’s such a thing) 

13. My three-year-old’s confidence is getting out of hand! (by Kate)

reading eggs negative review

“The self-esteem boost it has given to my very bright, but not very motivated 5-year-old is amazing, so thank you.” 

Translation: Kate can't believe how much her child’s self-esteem has improved since using Reading Eggs. It's like he’s on a journey to becoming a reading genius! Soon he’ll be outsmarting his parents, then his teachers!  

 14. He’s too motivated to learn! (by L. Taylor)

“My son struggled with other phonics programs. But he loved Reading Eggs. Opening a new egg after each lesson kept him motivated to finish the program.”  

Translation: Thanks to Reading Eggs, L. Taylor’s child has found a passion for learning that knows no bounds. They're on a roll!

15. What’s with all the free worksheets and printables? (by Kyllian X.)

negative reading eggs review printables worksheets

“I love the parent dashboard so I can print out review work. I have also used the printout sheets as an indicator to reset my kindergartner back a few lessons for mastery.” 

Translation: Kyllian actually appreciates the wide variety of printables for offline learning. Bad luck if you haven’t replaced the printer cartridge though.

The upside-down world of negative Reading Eggs reviews: when 'bad' means 'good'

So, there you have it—negative reviews that are actually a testament to Reading Eggs' success in engaging and motivating young learners while helping parents with fun, science-backed resources.

See why Reading Eggs' negative reviews aren't all they've cracked up

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Who knew 'bad' reviews could be so 'egg-sellent'? These reviews are in fact powerful testaments to the multi-award winning program's incredible ability to spark a love for reading, boost self-esteem and inspire young children to embrace a better way of learning. 

All these reviews are 100% real. Check out hundreds more reviews of Reading Eggs here or on Verified Reviews

We hope you enjoyed seeing how Reading Eggs strives to turn egg-sasperating into egg-straordinary for our young learners and their adults with a wink, a smile and a whole lot of egg-citement!

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