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Top 5 Reasons Why Fast Phonics Makes an Effective Systematic Synthetic Phonics Resource for Schools

Teacher using teaching phonics on a smartboard

It’s no secret that teaching phonics in the early stages of reading has a positive impact on students, as proven in numerous studies.

Of all the phonics strategies available, one stands out for its research-backed success and its widespread adoption worldwide: the systematic synthetic phonics (SSP) approach.

That’s why Fast Phonics, (part of the Reading Eggs program) adopts this exact approach – an evidence-based, systematic and explicit method to teaching phonics.

What’s more, the rewarding and interactive elements in Fast Phonics help students learn to read while staying motivated and engaged. For teachers, Fast Phonics has all the classroom resources to help implement the ideal phonics lesson.

Brimming with phonics activities, weekly lesson plans, phonics decodable books, worksheets and more, it’s designed to teach students how to read systematically, through a specific set of letters and sounds aligned to the Letter and Sound approach.

Whether you choose to use Fast Phonics as a curriculum supplement or as a whole-class activity to encourage student collaboration, here are five reasons why Fast Phonics makes an effective resource for teaching phonics at your school.

Fast Phonics is an online systematic synthetic phonics program that teaches to the Letters and Sounds approach and is specifically designed to build your students’ reading skills in an exciting and engaging way. It even has all the teaching resources to help you teach phonics in a sequential and explicit manner.

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1. Systematic synthetic phonics – the proven and powerful method

Fast Phonics follows the systematic synthetic approach, teaching letter-sound relationships in an explicit and orderly sequence.

By introducing students to a variety of individual phonemes and letter sounds, they’re able to quickly decode words and read independently, ultimately improving their reading speed and accuracy.

Systematic synthetic phonics lesson in Fast Phonics

Each Peak includes a variety of fun phonics activities to reinforce specific skills in a sequential manner.

The program also assists teachers in developing other fundamental phonics skills including mastering letter-sound correspondence, refining segmenting and blending techniques, synthesising new concepts, decoding complex words, and improving fluency and comprehension.

Learn more about the research behind Fast Phonics here.

2. Personalised learning that boosts student confidence and engagement

Fast Phonics introduces key phonics concepts with a clear and easy-to-follow approach, building on the existing skills of each student.

There are different levels in the program called Peaks that are numbered from 1 to 20, with Peak 1 being the starting point. Each Peak is filled with interactive phonics activities to boost reading skills fast.

When students first use Fast Phonics, they can choose to take a placement test.

Fast Phonics Placement Test

When students first use the program, they'll be asked to take a Placement Test. This ensures that they start at a level that is suited to their current ability.

The test uses innovative voice recognition technology and will prompt students to read a series of words. As your student voices their response, it is scored within the test to produce a result which places them at the most suitable Fast Phonics Peak to start their phonics instruction.

This means students are assigned a personalised learning path that suits their ability level, where they can reinforce core phonics skills at their own level and pace.

Fast Phonics reinforces classroom teaching too. As their teacher, you can assign specific lessons to supplement your classroom learning, ensuring your students are given every opportunity to excel.

3. An abundance of time-saving teaching resources

Save valuable time planning class activities with Fast Phonics’ teacher resources. These include:

Whether you're looking for small activities to support your phonics lesson or wanting to make them the primary focus, we’ve got you covered.

Plus, with our resources organised by phonics phases, focus sounds, and words read, finding the exact lesson or resource you need is easier and faster than ever before!

4. Easily track progress with automated assessments and reports

Keeping track of your students' progress is a breeze with Fast Phonics' built-in assessment and reporting features.

At the end of each Fast Phonics level, or Peak, students take a narrated 10-question multiple choice quiz to reinforce and assess their phonics skills.

Fast Phonics End of Peak Quiz

The End of Peak Quiz helps assess your students' understanding before they move on to the next level.

If they score 80% or higher, they'll automatically progress to the next Peak. And if they don't pass, no worries – they can redo the assessment as many times as needed.

Fast Phonics also offers up to four phonics decodable books in each Peak to help reinforce the letters and sounds students have learned. After reading each decodable book, students are prompted to take a quiz to test their comprehension and understanding.

Want to monitor your student's progress? The Teacher Dashboard is your go-to spot. You can easily see which letters and sounds they've mastered and track how many decodable books they've read.

Fast Phonics Reporting Dashboard in the Teacher Console

For easy tracking, you can get a snapshot of each student's performance and monitor their progress in your Teacher Dashboard.

In the ‘My Progress’ area, your students can take control of their own learning and stay motivated to improve. They can track their average scores on end-of-peak quizzes, keep tabs on the number of sounds and words they've learned, and see how many books they've read.

Fast Phonics Student Peak Progress

When students see the progress they've made, they're more motivated to improve and learn independently.

5. Powerful intrinsic and extrinsic rewards to motivate students

Motivation is the key to reading success, which is why Fast Phonics uses a variety of extrinsic rewards to boost student engagement while also nurturing intrinsic motivations.

Learning to read has never been more fun thanks to the vibrant and playful Fast Phonics Yeti characters, coins and rewards, all working together to create an engaging and motivating world for students.

Image showing Fast Phonics rewards

Gems and Yeti Coins motivate students to complete Fast Phonics activities.

Using the Fast Phonics sequential learning path and explicit phonics activities, students can rapidly strengthen their reading skills. This progression from decoding to fluency is achieved effortlessly, instilling confidence and motivation to keep going.

Say goodbye to phonics frustration

Fast Phonics is a truly valuable phonics resource for your classroom, with personalised learning, hundreds of teaching resources, automated reporting, and powerful rewards, all the while adhering to the principles of the systematic synthetic phonics approach.

Thousands of educators worldwide are already benefiting from:

  • convenient and easy logins

  • hundreds of explicit phonics lessons with engaging content

  • ready-to-use phonics lesson plans aligned to the Letters and Sounds approach

  • a wide variety of printable worksheets and decodable books

  • detailed students’ progress reports

"The fun and rewarding elements of Fast Phonics motivate and boost children's confidence leading to excellent progression in key synthetic phonics skills, like segmenting and blending." – Harewood Primary School

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A Fast Phonics school trial comes with an abundance of teaching resources, plus over 400 engaging and rewarding phonics lessons for beginning readers.

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