Parent testimonials

“I absolutely love Reading Eggs. Finn is only just 4 and he is doing so well with his reading. I never thought it possible to be honest!! He loves it too. The first thing he says in the morning is “Can we do Reading Eggs please?”!! ” – Della

“Olivia is four and this is what she has to say about Reading Eggs. “Thank you for reading eggs. Thank you for the lovely games and thank you to Karen for getting it for me. I really like the stamping game with the boxes that have some letters right and some letters wrong it is so much fun.” ” – Peta

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! This has been an amazing experience watching my 5 year old really enjoy reading and having such fun. I fully intend to share your site with other parents! Thanks you so much ” – Anna Marie

“David is on the 9th map and has been learning a lot of words. He can now read books almost all by himself. He was also able to jump up to Kindergarden instead of staying in Preschool. David love reading eggs very much and plays on it all the time. We recommend it to everybody he sees. He even plays on it in the morning. Thanks a lot Vivian and David ” – Vivian