Parent testimonials

“would just like to say a big Thank You to ABC Reading Eggs. What a wonderful learning tool this is. My daughter is 10 years old and has Down syndrome. She has not been given any opportunity to learn to read and write at her school which is so disappointing and heartbreaking as she desperately wants to learn and be like her brother and sister. She started using learning eggs over the weekend and I am astounded at how quickly she is picking up simple words and sentences. She is so eager to get on and ‘play’ the wonderful and engaging games. I cant Thank You enough, I wish I found you earlier. I know that she will be reading and writing in no time using this site. She is so pleased with herself and what she has achieved so far. Thanks again.” – Kerstin

“Dear Reading Eggs Team! Thanks so very much to your talented production team for bringing us such a high quality learning programme. Our son Adam (4 and three quarters) loves using the programme and has surprised us with his desire to keep going and learning. He really engages with all levels of the lessons and printed material. Love it – great stuff, such a surprise how quickly Adam has grasped some basic reading skills! ” – Sophie

“Good Morning Reading Eggs Team, I would like to express my thanks to you. My daughter Elise is only 4 and has made huge progress with your programme. We both really like the look of Reading Eggs. You have made what can be difficult to learn into fun and games. She think it is a reward for her whereas in fact it is education, Brillant !! She can navigate all by herself throughout your site. This is a great help for busy parents. I like to surpervise her from a distance and leave her to concentrate on her task. Again Thank you so much for playing such a big part in my daughter’s literacy programme and her future. ” – Sarah

“My son is in first grade and his teacher and I have been worried that he has been slipping behind his classmates. He flips or twists letters and words as well as numbers. He was developing an “I can’t” attitude to anything written. He didn’t want to try. The first time I put on reading eggs he played it for three or four hours, only taking a break when told to and asking to be able to get back and continue. Each critter is a triumph. Each test is completed until it’s a gold trophy. This system is magic. I want to purchase the next level as soon as its available. Many, many thanks.” – Alison