Parent testimonials

“Rory, our speaking-delayed son, is loving Reading Eggs and is adding lots of new words to his sight and spoken vocabulary daily. He has earnt over 9000 eggs, that is a lot of lessons completed- so thank you. He is confidently navigating around the map selecting lessons and the extra activities – all independently. I have recommended Reading Eggs to his PrePrimary teacher and other parents. We have also found the associated books for him. Brian ” – Brian

“Hi, Many thanks for your work on the latest lessons on Reading Eggs. Harry really enjoyed it. Harry often does the lessons with his younger brother, I often hear them having a good laugh at various times when they are doing the lessons. The latest installment was no different! I would like to pass on my thanks to all involved in the development of this product, I know it has made learning to read online a lot of fun! Regards, Julie” – Julie

“I just want to thank you for such a wonderful programme. I discovered Reading Eggs at the beginning of this year & started my daughter on it just before she commenced Pre-Primary. She loved it so much that she took one of the books in to school to read to her teacher. Her teacher was amazed. Over a very short period my daughter went from having no reading knowledge other than the alphabet & her name to reading at a grade 2 level. I have shared Reading Eggs with a lot of parents and will continue to do so. Thank you once again! ” – Mel

“Hello, This programme is great. My 5 year old was struggling with learning to read at school. After a couple of weeks on this programme I can see her progress. With her school readers she was memorising the words, however with Reading Eggs she is actually learning letters/sound combinations and the experience is fun. Today she said to me I want to use the computer every night before I go to bed. Learning is fun! Two mornings ago we read four of your little books in bed. It used to be a struggle to read one of her school readers.Thanks again Nicole” – Nicole