Parent testimonials

“Hi, I have found this programme excellent, I think Katy Pike is a genius! My daughter is already reading independently after a short period on this programme. I wanted to know whether you are close to publishing the writing and reading books for the programme past Level 1. Thanks.” – Rebecca

“A wonderful introduction to the written word and a positive experience using sounds and associated letters and words. We have to negotiate our time on the computer because Samantha would be on Reading Eggs all night if we let her. A terrific accompanyment to books and a different edge to enhancing fine motor co-ordination. The levels offer an element of competition with a well appreciated certificate. We are not allowed to talk while she is ‘hearing’ the instructions. A great internet find. Well Done! Would love to see a programme like this based around number(mathematics).” – Kerry

“We think the ABC Reading Eggs programme is absolutely fantastic. Just love the encouraging format of the lessons – it is so motivating to earn the critters at the end of each lesson and exciting to collect the eggs to buy games. We just love ABC Reading Eggs!” – Pauline

AMAZING! We continue to be surprised by how quickly and how enthusiastically all of our children are taking to reading, all thanks to Reading Eggs – we are telling everyone we know about it!!! Thanks!” – Fiona