Parent testimonials

“Bailey could not read. He loved Sam and before my eyes he start telling me words and whole sentences. I couldn’t believe it, it was great. Bailey was so proud of himself.” – Eliza

“Hi, Just wanted to tell you, how pleased I am with the results I got from my child Ashira, after signing up for a trial. I did not have to help her with anything at all. She just did it all by herself. She is so excited that she can read. She has started sounding out words and spelling it. She did so well that within a week, I bought the lessons deal. She is anxiously waiting for all her activity books etc to arrive. I have decided to let everyone I know with little ones, about reading eggs and will buy friend parents with 4 year olds, the reading egg as a present. That will be the best present a friend/ family could give to a child!! Thank you so much, appreciated. Keep up the good work!!!” – Saroj Sami

“Hi! I love the reading eggs programme. I am using it with some of my Kindergarten, Pre Primary and Year One students. They love it!!! Many thanks for your fabulous programme.” – Kat

“This is the best teaching programme that could be. Well done to the inventor, with admiration” – The Ducaj family.