Parent testimonials

“Hi, this has been a great discovery for all the children in our family! We have six year old twins who have improved so much within the two week trial and they love it. We also have a three year old who is eager to get started. Once again thanks for all your hard work the website is truly wonderful. ” – Marion

“Hello Great programme, my son loves it. He is 5, he is already familiar with his letters so this is a great start for words and small sentences. I think he dreams of his eggs, gets me up early to log in. ” – Mohamed

“Hi, my daughter has loved the first lessons and I had trouble getting her off the computer. I would like to know where I could buy the reading books etc. ” – Janet

“Hi,Readingeggs is real fun.My daughter loves playing .Its easy, fun and interactive. Thanks for all of you who put great effort into this. Hip hip hurray to all of you.” – Valli