Parent testimonials

“Hi Both my kids have been registered (aged 6 and almost 4). Both kids loooove Reading Eggs. They have pack 1 at home but they want to do it online too. We are completely addicted to our Reading Eggs and it is regularly used as a reward for being good.” – Rachael

“Oh my god! For anyone waiting for reading recovery at your local school like I have for the past two terms in a private school with a child with a language disorder! Don’t bother! Thankyou Reading Eggs, you are the happy ending to a distressed mother wanting help for her son to learn how to read!” – Josephine

“My son has just completed his first certificate and reached the gold level on the first try without any assistance -he is in prep and is 5 years old. He keeps complaining that school is too hard yet looks forward to coming home and doing his ‘egg cracking’. Thank you so much, this has helped us no end. My 2.5 year old is also wanting to start ‘cracking eggs’ and is looking over her brother’s shoulder attempting words – what a great head start for school. My mum also does family day care and I have told her about the cards and books that are coming out – she is looking forward to seeing these too. Thank you again, this had made reading time so much easier.” – Cellina

“I have been using the Reading Eggs programme with my 5 year old son for a month now and it’s FANTASTIC. I have just purchased the books, activity books and flashcards for my students that I work with as a Special Needs teacher in a primary school, who are struggling readers. They LOVE it too (boys!!!). Thanks for your help and thanks for an AWESOME programme for engaging unenthusiastic and young readers!!!” – Erin