Parent testimonials

“What a great way to learn and have fun at the same time! My daughter is 4 and loves reading eggs. She really enjoys seeing the eggs hatch into a new critter as a reward for completing each stage. Thank you ALL so much, I will definitely recommend this to ALL our friends!” – Nova

“Thanks Reading Eggs for a fantastic product. After completing the 14 day trial my four year old was hooked. My only problem was getting him to repeat lessons, he wanted to hatch another egg as soon as possible until I purchased a pack from Dymocks. Suddenly the map and interaction with stickers had him repeating lessons 1 – 10 with no problems. I have now had my son read me his two “special” books from pack 1 at bedtime rather than me read to him. What a wonderful accomplishment.” – Filomena

“I stumbled across these at the bookshop and thought I’d give them a try with my 4 yr old. After her first 5 lessons, she started pointing out letters and their sounds in books and during conversation. After the ten lessons, she proudly read her book to her kinder class. Since then, a number of parents have asked about Reading Eggs for their children, so impressed were they at how quickly she picked up sounds and words. It took just over a week! Thank you for such an easy to understand programme, giving children success at all levels. She can’t wait to start the second box, all she wants to do is her ‘egg games’ every day. Now she’s started, we can’t stop her!!!! ” – Kristine

“I am in awe of this programme. Brianna had begun doing her sounds, consonants and joining words in Pre-Primary. At her new school they do not do this until year 1, which will be next year, I was worried that Brianna would forget what she had learnt. Reading is such a huge component of our family life that I did not want her to lose interest or motivation to learn to read. She is loving the programme and humbugs me constantly to do Reading Eggs. I sit with her while she does the lessons, but do not tell her what to do and let her make mistakes so that she learns from them. I am amazed at how quickly she picks things up and remembers what she has learnt. Thank you Thank you, Thank you for such a wonderful and fun way to learn.” – Kim